The Dining Room


Enjoy a beautifully set table and home cooked food to suit your palette. Let us know if you have any special food needs and we will fix you something for breakfast that will be wonderful for you.


This view of the dining room shows the back door that most guests use to enter Albion Heritage after they park their cars behind our home. Just outside the door here also is our wonderful Camper Down Elm tree. Inside the French doors on the left is our kitchen and small office area where we have some information about Albion area points of interest. On the shelf under the chandelier is a small gift area where you can buy local gift items. One of the more popular items is music by Debbie Erlandson, the daughter of the owners of Albion Heritage. Debbie's music has been used to meditate, to quiet nurseries and to give relaxation to senior centers. It's the perfect thing to play when you enjoy sipping wine by the fireplace or while enjoying the jacuzzi. You can hear a sample of this music when you play our video. (see the top right of this page.)

The dining room at Albion Heritage is often the first room you see when you enter our home from the parking lot in back. As you walk from your car to the sliding glass doors, you will see our Camper Down Elm tree on one side of the walk and a fountain and flowers on the other. See local gifts, learn about local places to visit and local history and more – here in our dining room. We welcome you to Albion, and we are so glad you chose to stay at Albion Heritage Bed & Breakfast!

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